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 Hush Hush…

 I was wondering why most people I used to worked with wandering around in Bangkok, not just Bangkok  but Sukumvit Soi 7 (Nana). No one told me what was going on until I found this piece of news at Ministry of Foreign Affair. I knew what you guys and gals  did this summer (http://www.mfa.go.th/web/2666.php?id=24827). Wondering if they would put this in English.


Hence to the benefit of my friends, who told me the untouchable topics was on the South (of Thailand, no less), I have gathered development news sure to fire ‘peace.’ On the other hand, some projects are really develop fundamental well-being of the people in the restless South.


Fisheries department and the Fformer government promoted seafood bank project, aimed high to ” convert fishing area to asset” by virtually chart coastal areas, allow people to put the areas as collateral in a bank or a financial institution and receive loans in return. Otherwise, the coastal zone can be charted and allocated to local people asthier personal “assets.” Official information at  http://www.fisheries.go.th/royal2/index.htm. Counter narratives reasoned this project a complete wipe out scheme for small scale fisheries, according to the National Reconciliation Commission sponsored local public hearing (http://www.isranews.org/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=53&Itemid=56).  


Earlier, the second Thaksin government planed to inject 11,278.927 million baht for mega projects in the three southernmost provinces including: State Highway 410 (Yala-Baytong), CCTV in Yala municipal areas and other vulnerable areas, Halal food processing industrial estate in Pattani,  Muslim garments industry, drugs and crime suppression,etc (http://www.focuspaktai.com/index.php?file=news&obj=news.view(id=4068)&PHPSESSID=07ee7ce9cee3096f05ad642401849b7c)


It is commonly agreed that fundamental problems, whether or not they are related to the ongoing violence, including poverty, “unemployment,” narcotic drugs, yet the development that are religiously correct may not be found in the  government’s mega projects. The outcries have been voiced in many researches conducted with “local people.”  


The latest development found during PM Samak’s visit also hinted at military industries factories, promotion and incentives for investment from major entrepreneurs from  other areas, industrial scale plantation of palm oil and rubber. (http://www.isranews.org/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3319&Itemid=47)


Development is wanted, but it can always be manipulated to benefit state sponsored violence,(setting up defense industries complex, for example) deepening disparity between the have and the have not (introducing external investment that will benefit certain groups of people and leave the burdens to the host communities ) and disrupt ways of good and religious life  (seafood banks or halal food centers projects). 


Under their benign covers, development programs, there is nothing new about development imposed from above to boost the whole “wealth” of the Southern provinces and that “wealth” would be distributed to people who need and wealth would come without alienation and with justice.



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Consuming for the Nation

What could you do to  bridge frtiendship between the rest of the country and the south– portrayed as longan growing area. The government have launched the campaign longan: fruit of friendship (detail in Thai) to aid longan growers to have better way to channel excess longan and hopefuly will raise  lower than profitable longan price Eating longan campaign is not a new phenomenon. As the country moves to be the wrold’s kitchen, people are asked to help the growers by eating various things such as lamyai, cooked chicken, and longan. The famous longan is obviously from conflict proned province of narathiwat. During Thaksin era, when lamyai price fall, the government also organise the campaign for people to consume more llamyai. At that time, despite news of government related corruption, the corruption that also affect surplus of lamyai and decreasing price was such a sort life span topic to be investigated. Likewise, it is doubtful if the cause of the longan pice would be questioned and the try to solve. It is much easier and profitable to launch a campaign for people to eat more longan and try to ship this friut to China. Byy consuming longan, people are told, you express you care and friendship to fellow countrymen and women in the south.

People are asked to consume away serious problem underlying the price fall until the next yer, we will be eating under this campaign again.We o nly eat the fruits without addressing the root causes.

Probably a normal citizens are not entitled to know– just eat eat and eat. But don’t forget non-friendship certified longan, too.

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Rethinking the Rs for Burmese Refugees in Thailand

In the Nation’s UN welcomes resettlement moves for Burmese refugees The most welcomed refugees (This is myblog.) resettlement had been planed. UNHCR authority expresses concern over:

A downside to the resettlement programme is that the camps have lost a lot of teachers and medics, but work is being done to replace those service providers,

In fact at Mae Sot the camp near the town is hemorrhaging (you know I owe you this word, na.), small and insignificant news of people being either smuggled or voluntarily reintegrate themselves to demanding “dirty-dangerous- ” labour markets in the town or somewhere else in the city. I believe that the in-depth information available to the INGOs, IOs, refugee’s and Thai authority would point out that the demand for labour in growing border trade and business has been overwhelming. Read the rest of this entry »

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Single engine sufficiency: A new Model of Sufficient Export

Economics is not my interest and I have never been trained. I just read news and let them fade away.

However, a piece of news caught my eyes today at Bangkok Biz New Op-Ed.

Four percent of economic growth fuel by export alone.

Apart from visible export, tourism industries, as commodities that “import” foreign spending to the country by exporting the country supplies to foreigners during Thai New Year is expected to be the part of that single engine. The volume of export reported by The Nation “in February rose by 18.4 percent to US$11.23 billion, while imports increased by 3 percent at US$10.10 billion.” It is impressive so far despite the fact that in 2007 the Baht is not that supportive to Thai exporters.

Hoping that the country would depend on export to fuel its self-sufficient economic, by having people work for export sectors, and not or less nurturing to domestic factors would not be self-sufficient for me. We are so far from Phiboonsongkram nationalist economic of Thais produce Thai use. Read the rest of this entry »

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Halal Haven or Havoc?

Post Today reported several news about Halal food industries permits today. The first was about Dismiss of a committee member who might have been responsible for issuing the permit to an unqualified factory. it was later found that pork ingredient were contaminated Halal food manufactured at the factory. The National Islamic Council said the permit might be frauded.

Post Today also report promising export of “Halal food products from Thailand is estimated to be at alomost 300 million Baht per annum.”

After a blog post regarding seafood bank and halal industries in the South, the promising business was not that bright. Even withing certifying authority, when it involve business, principles could be set aside. It is not surprising to see why Halal food industries are promoted as a way to end poverty. The problem is whose poverty?

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