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French video, users’ contents or the government’s clips: where were they standing?

This seemed to be the trusted clip (France 24- if you already watched, it is the same clip.) among others circulating  because it was for “third party international media” in my twitter. The cover shot showed a soldier firing Tavor  TAR 21 (which I recorded some where here it had been purchased after the coup to replace M16 in some agencies.) There are two part of the stories, the grenade explosion and the soldiers firing not “into the air.” So I am very interested how people described it. Some only repeated the headline, ignoring the first part of the video altogether despite.

One cannot be omnipresence.  Where a camera stand (with a person holding it) significantly limited/exclude what we do not see. The direction of the grenade were not visible in this footage. There are other footage showing the direction if the grenade in youtube.

Perhaps we have forgotten this embeddedness, that the direction of the camera is one-sided. It can be directed to one side at a time and even at the best of out attempt, the nature of these stories are partials and limited even without audience’s bias. Supposed I am confronting with a group of protesters, I will see clearly what they did if I am on the front row, than what people behind me did to the protesters.

Still with this partial information, clips and photos, it is clearly that 21 men died. It will not be easy to figure out who hit who with these partial clips. There will be explanations, stories, testimonies through post-hoc sketches these days. The narratives weaved by many conflicting accounts, blurred clips, partial photos. Like the future of this country. It is partially blinded.


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