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KNU retake Manerplaw

ASTV/Manager reported in Thai (http://www.thaisarn.com/th/news_reader.php?newsid=568942) that the KNU has seized Manerplaw from Burmese occupation.

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นักข่าวส่วนใหญ่ไปรอถ่ายตอนแจกของคนละสองสามชิ้น แต่ข้างในที่รอ ไม่มีข้าว ไม่มีนำ้

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Sangklaburi children

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DKBA-SPDC clash in Myawaddy Live on Twitter

follow @burmapartners  for video of refugees pouring in  http://www.twitvid.com/UPNDA

@altsean  and @DemocVoiceBurma http://www.dvb.no/news/dkba-torch-government-buildings/12715

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Following DKBA-Tatmadaw Border Clash

When election sites turn to battle coverage.


Most 10,000 plus refugees are now near the airport border patrol police base.

http://live.reuters.com/Event/Myanmar_elections >  latest photo: DKBA seemed to torch the city.


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Unnecessary Evil

Seem like the CRES wanted to smear more green on upcoming red shirt protest and gathering.   Those “mental” attackers aimed at MRT and BTS, according to Deputy PM Suthep.

The country is so ready to celebrate its own 911 mode with a lot of army personnel standing on guards around  shopping district just to make the situation worst for tourism. Still, the PM and his Deputy cannot warrant Bangkok would be bomb and grenade free. Mr. Suthep still said, “don’t panic.” when recently the presence of the military did not deter the bomb makers and grenade lauchers.

We also have Sirichoke who thought he outdid Victor Bout and lure But to talk about his connection with Thaksin. To be fair, it was Sirichoke who did all the talking.

To me, the red shirts who went to the protests and other activities are perfect goats for this building up tension. Maybe the government wanted men in red instead of trying to catch men in black. Men in black was not destabilizing the state and they were long gone.

So I guess this time they will try to link everything to the red shirts and caught them red handed using any methods that kill or the fun in the city.

Remember what Mr. Suthep said. Don’t panic– but the hidden message might be don’t join the red activities. Perhaps, the government is justifying its huge increase in military budget.

I could not think of anything better than having the army seal their weapon depots and watch for anyone who try to gain access to explosive devices.

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Mong Thongdee, stateless origami airplane hero has his beneficial civil registration status suspended.

Duangrit Ketuma, Mong’s teacher request legal assistance from Bangkok legal clinic to  inquire the suspension and possible revocation of his stateless student status s  in Thailand. 
Mong Thongdee captured  hearts  of local and international   audiences when the report of his   plea for permission to  travel l  to represent Thaland  in  paper planes origami competition  in Japan  last  year with  the Thai PM, Abhisit Vejjajiva. The boy took home a  bronze for himself and the gold medal for three-person team for thailand. After he had won in the competition  Sciences Ministers offered scholarship up to a PhD  and  a consideration if he would be conferred that Thai nationality from his good conducts.
 Duangrit  Ketima, a  teacher who  petitioned Bangkok Legal Clinic said, unlike  other time,  the boy was not allowed to travel with his  stateless student  document to  demonstrate  his skill in  a workshop  in  the  other province.  A civil registrar  informed that  Mong has duplicated civil registration status, hence his student status is in a suspension, pending revocation of not contested. The teacher worried that his stateless student status, which allowed him to travel  for competition,  enjoy  state’s healthcare welfare for stateless and other benefits , will be revoked and the boy will face enormous problems.
Other stateless students sharing the same  status  faced the same challenges, according to  Ketima.
Bongkot Napaumporn, Bangkok Legal Clinic  officer, said  the  Clinic  will send and urgent petition to the National Human Rights Commission to review  the action.   The suspension  of the better civil  status for Mong who is studying in a THai school will  deprived the boy of  better rights, comparing to the status of migrant worker’s dependent  the boy inherited from his  Shan migrant parents.  She said the boy will not enjoy the right to  state’s healthcare  when the  stateless student  status is revoked.
The stateless student status will prevent him from being deported and other problems related to the uncertain  future of  Burmese Nationality Verification as the process is very complex, expensive and time consuming and practically does not cover children and dependent of migrant workers, despite it will legalize the workers.   The boy may risk  arrest and deportation. The result of  the nationality  verification of his  ethnic Shan parents is pending. The Shan ethnic is one of the non-ceasefire groups that still fight against the Burmese junta.
Ms. Napaumporn is seeking  temporary  protection for Mong  from the National Human Rights  Council and other related agencies to ensure that  the boy will regain the status he  deserves. 

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“I saw Bout,” said Sirichoke

Admittedly, “I saw Bout,” said Sirichoke. This was confirmed by Abhisit and the Correction Department’s chief.

Matichon reported today that Mr. Sirichoke Sopha, Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiwa’s personal secretary went to see Victor Bout at the prison. He admitted that he sought permission to see the Russian arms dealer wanted by the US authority.

Apparently he was not keeping the secret very well.

Mr. Abhisit said there was no negotiation involved. He did not  order MR. Sirichoke to visit and he gently brushed aside the question if the visit by Mr. Sirichoke to a important international suspect of crime.

Both Mr. Abhisit and Mr. Sirichoke denied that the negotiation were about Thaksin’s connection in the massive arms cache seized in Thailand earlier.

Mr. Sithichat Sutihklom, Permanent secretary of the Correction Department confirmed that Mr. Sirichoke called him  to ask verbally to meet Mr. Bout at  the Bangkok Prison before the judgement of the appeal court. He authorized the visit.
Mr. Sirichoke went to see MR. Bout one on one without Mr. Bout’s lawyer. The prison guard was present at the visit.

Now, the  same questions resurface, put the   rumour of arms to the red shirts aside. Is it appropriate for Mr. Sirichoke to verbally use his position to obtain a visit?

Is it appropriate for him to see Mr. Bout without informing his boss before hand?

Should he personally talk with an arms dealer in prison?

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French video, users’ contents or the government’s clips: where were they standing?

This seemed to be the trusted clip (France 24- if you already watched, it is the same clip.) among others circulating  because it was for “third party international media” in my twitter. The cover shot showed a soldier firing Tavor  TAR 21 (which I recorded some where here it had been purchased after the coup to replace M16 in some agencies.) There are two part of the stories, the grenade explosion and the soldiers firing not “into the air.” So I am very interested how people described it. Some only repeated the headline, ignoring the first part of the video altogether despite.

One cannot be omnipresence.  Where a camera stand (with a person holding it) significantly limited/exclude what we do not see. The direction of the grenade were not visible in this footage. There are other footage showing the direction if the grenade in youtube.

Perhaps we have forgotten this embeddedness, that the direction of the camera is one-sided. It can be directed to one side at a time and even at the best of out attempt, the nature of these stories are partials and limited even without audience’s bias. Supposed I am confronting with a group of protesters, I will see clearly what they did if I am on the front row, than what people behind me did to the protesters.

Still with this partial information, clips and photos, it is clearly that 21 men died. It will not be easy to figure out who hit who with these partial clips. There will be explanations, stories, testimonies through post-hoc sketches these days. The narratives weaved by many conflicting accounts, blurred clips, partial photos. Like the future of this country. It is partially blinded.

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