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Garment trade of everyday life: An aspect of Thai China FTA


Free trade with China can be intimate. After browsing Mae Sod wholesale knickers for a while, I could clearly find ones. in Bangkok four for a hundred knickers available at Victory Monument areas are suspected to be from china. Please treat this as a part of China-Thai FTA research.  I am wondering how zero tariff in garment category will affect Thai trade balance with  China. Also wondering if some dresses are from china.


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Draft: Artificial Rain

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Sanam Luang Under Reported

I accidentally turned on to FM 92.80 and listened to latter section of two people hyde parking against PAD and Prawes (too much about Prawes for today). It was obvious that the Sanam Luang side was under reported, and not much recap of what had been said or discussed there were presented in the sites I read. Probably it was good for them to be featured in the mainstream media. I was trying to find the “thai grassroot “ and found many websites and blogs that feature manuscripts or recap of broadcast from Sanam Luang.

For broaden views, those Sanam Lunag voices, Taxi radio  and NewSkyThailand should also be included in mainstream media. At least some agencies would like to send someone to see what it’s like.

Thai free news offers portion of live VDO clips, the one I selected the link mentioned unequal media representation here.

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Yellow Scarf Drives

Kwan Reun Magazine and “Sam Sip Yan Jaew” – a 30ish women program at Channel 3 organized yellow scarf drives http://www.kwanruen.com/blog/?p=341. Women are invited to knit or crochet 10”x60” scarf’] and send to either the magazine or the TV talkshow. The scarfs will be donated to soldiers in the South and other people in remote areas affected by the upcoming winter.

 Patterns can be found at http://www.kwanruen.com/yellow_scarf.htm

Last Year I knitted a scarf for myself, as a learning how to knit project,and it cost me 60 B each for acrylic yarn (green of course, not yellow) I used 4 of them , a set of knitting needle at 30 B and about 4 weeks to do it. Yesterday I bought a second hand wool sweater from Cambodia at 20 B, with this amount of money I reckon I can buy aout 12 sweaters.

Scarf drives as ethic of care is not new in the weatern hemisphere where women spen their time apart from caring of herself, her families and her communities to broader aspects. Some may knit or crochet blankets to the needy or send to the troops. In this scarf drives that knit together patriotism (to soldiers serving in the South of Thailand), loyal for the King (the sacrfs must be yellow) and Thai feminity (women should be able to do some of these craft) together, women knitters and crocheters can identify their crafts with various institution in the nation.

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Everything goes to S’pore…

Isn’t he is a bit to slow to percieved that now, particularly when the sale of Shin shares to Temasek happaned for ages. Nation reports that Gen. Sonthi said

“The armed forces are currently experiencing a problem. We pick up the phone, and the line runs to Singapore. We can talk about confidential official matters, but it goes to Singapore,” he said.

Otherwise, the military should have know that whatever communication they use, they have to think about security of “confidential official matters” like encoding the message or whatever to make confidential stuffs remain confidential.

Better than that, I think they should have secure “hotline” or they could summon people to meet when it is curcial confidnetial matters. Since the Thaksin regime, I guess S’pore mightgot a ton of confidential information if the military just did what Gen. Sonthi had said.

On the other hand, neither the government or the coup maker cannot control Thaksin even when he is not in the country. They could only minimize impacts by not allowing people to watch CNN directly. I am wondering what is the point to let Thaksin gives interview to international media that Thai reporters have to report anyway.

The government may thinks that by allowing Thaksin to come back and order him voluntary house detention might not be a better way as they would be seen as copying the neighbouring junta. While Thaksin use international media to “attack” the government, the government decided to compromise the general public’s right to know or request the media not to report anything about Thaksin, which could, according to the coup maker, jeopardize national security.

Honestly, this is not necessary the matter with Thaksin’s relation with Singapore elites. I ammoreconcern that soon Thailand would compromise its civil liberty and be like Singapore in this matter.

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Birth Registration in Camp, Logistics and Volunteer Tourism

Logistics could be a big obstacle that prevent access to decent living. On the other hand it could be a small issue.
These are examples of logistic issues heard during this months.

While working with birth Registration working group, we were informed that certificate of live birth are not issued in timely manner in camp because some organizations have to wait for Thai staff to write them down. I think what could be more useful in this matter than doing a chapter of a report (borrrrrrrrring) in which I am doing now. I could turn my Mae Hong Sorn border trip to be a “write them down” volunteer. I could write in Thai and with an interpreter I can really write certificates of live birth.

But I could not go to the camps to write them down.

Wishing and hoping and willing to do it is useless. I am not a full time employed staff of a decent NGO or IOs and I need a valid camp pass to get in. Read the rest of this entry »

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And this is what they want? — We can’t understand, said the cabinet.

I was back from my commissioned fieldwork for two weeks a four days work and then two day preparation to go again. Finally I was back on the evening on 1 december and went directly Suan Lum’s World Aids day. The next day spent r and r (rest and relax) –actually catching up enough snooze to prevent a cold. The next day friends from my apartment told me that they spent 2,xxx something baht for underground lotto. Read the rest of this entry »

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Please Read for AOJ


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To Know or Not to Know…

Kate McGeown’s article was blocked as inappropriate media for Thais in Thailand. The decision made by ICT made me realized that the nation is still inexperience when it comes to tolerance. Different ideas, and opinion were blocked all the time, in terms of the monarch. But in Thailand, the most visible sign is as huge as photos in newspapers headlines. Those there were no words like “pivotal roles,” the announcement from the release of the photo and video clips on televisions by the democratic reform council in Thailand is loud and clear.

It does not really matter not to be able to read it now, though someone already posted the content on a website. Thinking about it at the moment, why should Thais be curious. They were waiting for it.

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My body belong to my family and my sexualities belong to state

Yesterday I was listening to a comment about Big Ass singer and alledged mom of his son. The news was with a twist that finally the girl found out who was her child’s father. However, the singer would be charged with, according to the commentator “underage obsenity with consenting minor.”

Let me put it clearly that I am dealing with “consenting” minors, not sex tourism, commercial sexual exploitation, rape, sexual harrasment against unconsenting minors or adults. Let’s take it that the girl was consent, as far as I heard of in the news and the charge against her. Still it was wrong.

It was aginst the law.

I am not going to discuss on other matters like whther it is wrong to seduce girls, whether the singer was exploited. Let’s take this to impersonnal level.

Someone or something define what is a ligitimate sexualities. For minors, someone point out that it is, though both parties consent, wrong to have sex when you are “minors.” According to THai law, minor obsenity and having sex with minoer is a crime, not only against the sate but also against the parents. The charge could be literrally translated as “taking away a minor [from parent or guardian].” If the offended is under 15, this is an uncompromised crime in court. If a minor (over15 -18) was offended, this could be compromised and worked out between parents, arbitrators, and social worker. The marriable age in Thailand is 18 for males and 17 for females, but they have to obtain permission in the certificate from parents.

This event promt me to look beyond personal arangement and question the way sexualities could be directly governed and punishable.  Despite the will of a person, if under 18, to engage in a sexual activity is illegal. The person who has sex with consenting minors from 15 to under 18 is violating the law. On the other hand, I would read this as a person at that age range is not allow to have consenting sex legally.

The state decides, at least for minors, when to have sex, what are compromised model of sex (e.g. to gove pardon to perpetrator, if the girl over 13-15 consented and later they could marry under court order, the perpetrator would not be punished.), or uncompromised model, what is “consenting” and what is forced. Though the roles of state to determine legitimate and redress for minor’s sexual activities are often breached (according to many child sex survey researchers.)

And for some remark, on the other hand, it was reported that the girl used to be a “men’s magazine” model. She was a mother at 17 and might be modeling before 17. This also raise question about “pretection of sexualities” by the state. At about 16 or 17, she was consent to post nude on a magazine. Does she also need state protection on being commercially exposed to pornography, too?

Compose with dialogues and suggestions from Thitinob Komalnimi and Passakorn Indhuman.

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