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When They Don’t Bribe With Money

Last week I was working with a TV on and lost count with how many pro-vote advertisement and news were broadcasted for a hour. That would be a lot.

Media and government officers are said to be supportive of the pro-vote and even pro-yes campaign. People who say no or plan to do so for the sake of saying no are risked being labeled as being bribed or engaging in illegal activities under the referendum act.

I understand that and am confident, more than CNS that the draft Constitution will pass, even less than 50% go to vote and half of the vote will have some graffiti like CNS get out. We will be back to April 2, 2006. The referendum is so insignificant. They will not let people vote if they could not win. Massive rubber stamping.

On Taxi, I heard an ad saying why we should warmly welcome the draft constitution.

A voice of an old woman said, “I will be taken care of.”
A young voice said, “I can attend 12 years in school for free.”
Voices of a group of people ensured that the poor will have proper housing and livelihood welfare.
A man said, “it will be easier for people to impeach and intervene politicians with 20,000 petition.”

For the records, 12 years free education is a campaign that had been dragged around for a long time until I don’t know who should take credit for not doing it, its new shinny advertised status in the constitution could not ensure that there would be enough political wills and budgets. Besides, they could revise or amend the National Education Act.

All the benefit packages seemed to be redundant but they must be in so that the drafters could boast some selling points.

For public scrutiny of political figures, I see nothing wrong with the 1997 constitution when all the mechanism will be put in use. At least people have gathered more than 50,000 signature in a petition but when the Constitution Court could not act or no one in power dare to take the issue forwards, there was no action in 2006.

The rest of the additional sections to ensure that we will have morally upright government and politicians do not depend on the people alone. Sure it said (had been written) that a single citizen can bring a case to the Constitution Court. Will the court consider or not involve public lobbying (making news in the papers and TV and getting collateral actions to pressure the court). It seems that the institutions under the Constitution will have more power and less people can do about it.

Have to go to national archive so will write the other part later.


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You guys are the reason

Was browsing Pantip.com and read this with a smile.
Steve McManaman
Welcome back Macca to football and belated welcome back to god, you guys are the reasons I am the kop (ha ha.)

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