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Single engine sufficiency: A new Model of Sufficient Export

Economics is not my interest and I have never been trained. I just read news and let them fade away.

However, a piece of news caught my eyes today at Bangkok Biz New Op-Ed.

Four percent of economic growth fuel by export alone.

Apart from visible export, tourism industries, as commodities that “import” foreign spending to the country by exporting the country supplies to foreigners during Thai New Year is expected to be the part of that single engine. The volume of export reported by The Nation “in February rose by 18.4 percent to US$11.23 billion, while imports increased by 3 percent at US$10.10 billion.” It is impressive so far despite the fact that in 2007 the Baht is not that supportive to Thai exporters.

Hoping that the country would depend on export to fuel its self-sufficient economic, by having people work for export sectors, and not or less nurturing to domestic factors would not be self-sufficient for me. We are so far from Phiboonsongkram nationalist economic of Thais produce Thai use.

Too much dependence on external factors with growing threat from cheaper labour countries in labour intensive exports would result in oppressive nature of “grassroot” domestic economic to keep things cheap.

Raw materials and labour have to be cheap so that cost would remain low and competitive. People who should be paid higher, will have to remain under-paid. To keep up with under-paid people, commodities for under-paid people have to be kept at prices they can afford or they will seek employment in other sector if they can. In some sector we have to hire migrant workers because they are cheaper, and they can be easily exploited, thus, we start to export sufficiency to our periphery neighbors, too. Just be happy with what you can have now, or you will be deported.

If people have less than they could have, they could be angry. Thais have the Assembly of the Poor. Mexico has Zapatista. You can’t stop those who think they are oppressed from protesting.

In Thailand, we have better ideas of keeping them quiet, docile and happy.

Waves of campaign targeting the under-paids (they are not poor, just undeservedly under-paid) to cut their cost. Don’t drink, don’t smoke and gamble because it will keep you poor. These stuffs are portrayed as more problematic when people who have less spend their money on them. We don’t have campaign to raise awareness that people should not buy luxury cars at the motor show bombarding the airwaves. Only “If you are poor work more.” at the moment. Oh, and don’t drink and drive.

Unlike Thaksin, the under-paid were told that they, too, can raise above the under-paid poverty line. The gingerly sufficient post-coup government tell them that Thaksin was wrong. We are the only legitimate implementation agency of sufficient economy. So we would not give you money injection that easily.

Under-paid people, please be sufficient. You don’t have to be rich if you are not rich. You are not under-paid, you live a sufficient lives. Be happy with what you have. Stay in the structure. Don’t question and don’t rock the boat. Everybody love the idea. The current government love it.

We are doing fine as the export grow. Keep smiling. It is our national commodity.

Can anyone explain this as an economic theory.


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