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Rethinking the Rs for Burmese Refugees in Thailand

In the Nation’s UN welcomes resettlement moves for Burmese refugees The most welcomed refugees (This is myblog.) resettlement had been planed. UNHCR authority expresses concern over:

A downside to the resettlement programme is that the camps have lost a lot of teachers and medics, but work is being done to replace those service providers,

In fact at Mae Sot the camp near the town is hemorrhaging (you know I owe you this word, na.), small and insignificant news of people being either smuggled or voluntarily reintegrate themselves to demanding “dirty-dangerous- ” labour markets in the town or somewhere else in the city. I believe that the in-depth information available to the INGOs, IOs, refugee’s and Thai authority would point out that the demand for labour in growing border trade and business has been overwhelming.

Skilled labour such as teachers and medic would be welcomed and wanted for resettlement. According to UNHCR poster in Sri Lanka I saw in 2003, a portrait of Einstein, with “Refugees do not have only baggage” written in English says much more than anything. As long as Thailand would like to shut its doors to skilled refugees, so be it. Let them go out to third countries of the “ethnic groups” cannot stop them.
What should be remained after the resettlement of the cream of the top would be those who could not pass the grid of developed first world and they would remain in camp or labour markets, either legally or illegally. The first step to issue identification cards would ensure a smooth passage to be able to integrate them to work. Mae Sot desperately need labour and it is better to put them under control, at least by having ID cards.
In fact people are leaving the camps to labor markets or to find work in near by land around the camp, to the front line (oh, come on.), to the third countries. As early as 2003 on the way back to Mae Sot, the truck stopped and pick up refugees waiting on the road to the city and drop them at the bus stop.
Engaging refugees in legal employment would benefit them and the state. Many refugees are hired to do illegal work that they did not know it was illegal until they were arrested such as illegal logging.
Would resettlement work fully to help the crowdedness and the fact that most refugees will not pass rigid examination in order to qualify for a resettlement? Would this R a real durable solution to the mass? We all have to see in the long term. The other temporary “R”, despite being an interim solution is now more likely than ever, with growing industrial demand. The “R” that had been subtly happening but never legalized. The “R” that they could seek at their own risk.


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