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Consuming for the Nation

What could you do to  bridge frtiendship between the rest of the country and the south– portrayed as longan growing area. The government have launched the campaign longan: fruit of friendship (detail in Thai) to aid longan growers to have better way to channel excess longan and hopefuly will raise  lower than profitable longan price Eating longan campaign is not a new phenomenon. As the country moves to be the wrold’s kitchen, people are asked to help the growers by eating various things such as lamyai, cooked chicken, and longan. The famous longan is obviously from conflict proned province of narathiwat. During Thaksin era, when lamyai price fall, the government also organise the campaign for people to consume more llamyai. At that time, despite news of government related corruption, the corruption that also affect surplus of lamyai and decreasing price was such a sort life span topic to be investigated. Likewise, it is doubtful if the cause of the longan pice would be questioned and the try to solve. It is much easier and profitable to launch a campaign for people to eat more longan and try to ship this friut to China. Byy consuming longan, people are told, you express you care and friendship to fellow countrymen and women in the south.

People are asked to consume away serious problem underlying the price fall until the next yer, we will be eating under this campaign again.We o nly eat the fruits without addressing the root causes.

Probably a normal citizens are not entitled to know– just eat eat and eat. But don’t forget non-friendship certified longan, too.


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