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Ideology gap

What if I am a general person who is ok with People’s Power Party because their “populism” policies will make my monthly budget bearable in this harsh economic recession. Good politicians are important but survival is the most challenging task at hand. Every cabinet reshuffle will make me worry about changing gas price, daily spending on food and transportation, and how much I can afford formonthly  electricity bill.

On the other hand respected citizens and opposition parties talked about corruption (but they are silenced not to pass any motion that will make the same system question them) said that money politics and populism is not healthy. They referred to me as less educated, poor and near sighted and that I will not sacrifice for the good of the nation and democracy.

This is a narrative that Sanam Luang people and Anti Dictatorship Union tried to communicate, well not to the peopel who can think about ideology promoted by social elite but to people that ‘speak’ their language. Early in the evening, an MC speaking local dialect may asked audience to call someone from PADs camp on thier mobile. Some speakers might disagree with certain policies that affect their livelihoods or praise other policies that will boost their chance of survival in Bangkok.

Honesty if I were to think about my survival before future of democracy, that would make a big gap between people who have to worry about daily rice and those who have to think about solution for the rest of the country because their jobs are to think and be paid more than those who have to work all day and get too little. Then whatever choice thye may make could be interpreted as for ‘self interests.’ What if they will not chose to pe sufficiently poor?

This kind of situation could lead to what lefties hope and Daranee ‘Da Torpedo’ had commented but also beware that it could be difficult to rely on money politics as new left.


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