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“I saw Bout,” said Sirichoke

Admittedly, “I saw Bout,” said Sirichoke. This was confirmed by Abhisit and the Correction Department’s chief.

Matichon reported today that Mr. Sirichoke Sopha, Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiwa’s personal secretary went to see Victor Bout at the prison. He admitted that he sought permission to see the Russian arms dealer wanted by the US authority.

Apparently he was not keeping the secret very well.

Mr. Abhisit said there was no negotiation involved. He did not  order MR. Sirichoke to visit and he gently brushed aside the question if the visit by Mr. Sirichoke to a important international suspect of crime.

Both Mr. Abhisit and Mr. Sirichoke denied that the negotiation were about Thaksin’s connection in the massive arms cache seized in Thailand earlier.

Mr. Sithichat Sutihklom, Permanent secretary of the Correction Department confirmed that Mr. Sirichoke called him  to ask verbally to meet Mr. Bout at  the Bangkok Prison before the judgement of the appeal court. He authorized the visit.
Mr. Sirichoke went to see MR. Bout one on one without Mr. Bout’s lawyer. The prison guard was present at the visit.

Now, the  same questions resurface, put the   rumour of arms to the red shirts aside. Is it appropriate for Mr. Sirichoke to verbally use his position to obtain a visit?

Is it appropriate for him to see Mr. Bout without informing his boss before hand?

Should he personally talk with an arms dealer in prison?


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