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Mong Thongdee, stateless origami airplane hero has his beneficial civil registration status suspended.

Duangrit Ketuma, Mong’s teacher request legal assistance from Bangkok legal clinic to  inquire the suspension and possible revocation of his stateless student status s  in Thailand. 
Mong Thongdee captured  hearts  of local and international   audiences when the report of his   plea for permission to  travel l  to represent Thaland  in  paper planes origami competition  in Japan  last  year with  the Thai PM, Abhisit Vejjajiva. The boy took home a  bronze for himself and the gold medal for three-person team for thailand. After he had won in the competition  Sciences Ministers offered scholarship up to a PhD  and  a consideration if he would be conferred that Thai nationality from his good conducts.
 Duangrit  Ketima, a  teacher who  petitioned Bangkok Legal Clinic said, unlike  other time,  the boy was not allowed to travel with his  stateless student  document to  demonstrate  his skill in  a workshop  in  the  other province.  A civil registrar  informed that  Mong has duplicated civil registration status, hence his student status is in a suspension, pending revocation of not contested. The teacher worried that his stateless student status, which allowed him to travel  for competition,  enjoy  state’s healthcare welfare for stateless and other benefits , will be revoked and the boy will face enormous problems.
Other stateless students sharing the same  status  faced the same challenges, according to  Ketima.
Bongkot Napaumporn, Bangkok Legal Clinic  officer, said  the  Clinic  will send and urgent petition to the National Human Rights Commission to review  the action.   The suspension  of the better civil  status for Mong who is studying in a THai school will  deprived the boy of  better rights, comparing to the status of migrant worker’s dependent  the boy inherited from his  Shan migrant parents.  She said the boy will not enjoy the right to  state’s healthcare  when the  stateless student  status is revoked.
The stateless student status will prevent him from being deported and other problems related to the uncertain  future of  Burmese Nationality Verification as the process is very complex, expensive and time consuming and practically does not cover children and dependent of migrant workers, despite it will legalize the workers.   The boy may risk  arrest and deportation. The result of  the nationality  verification of his  ethnic Shan parents is pending. The Shan ethnic is one of the non-ceasefire groups that still fight against the Burmese junta.
Ms. Napaumporn is seeking  temporary  protection for Mong  from the National Human Rights  Council and other related agencies to ensure that  the boy will regain the status he  deserves. 


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Pending larger benefits to the underground business…

Some would notice that there are news of looming mass deportation of migrant workers, most of them will be Burmese and ethnic people from Myanmar who will not want to share their sensitive personal information with the junta.

Here is a very brief practical projection we already knew: where the money will be

The sectors hiring migrants have not been vocal about the policy that affects them: the fisheries and related downstream industries, knit textiles and garment and agro-industries. The migrant workers contributed to “$53 million to the economy every year.”

It is likely that those who advocate the restrictive and difficult to comply policy such as national verification process that will exclude people like the Rohinya, the non-Burmans, the Shan, etc. will enjoy acknowledging that the more restrictive the policy is, the money and benefit will go underground and nourish influential figures, mafia, corrupted civil, police and military officials and human trafficking groups.

And it is funny that the economics post grad still advocates the restrictive path to fund mafia and corrupted officials.

Samut Sakorn workers who wanted to avoid the natinality verification process already quit their jobs. So after 28 Feb., expect the seafood price will be increased as there will be less willing labour to do it. Switching to underground illegal labour will take some time and will benefit the black economy than the state at large.

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