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Unnecessary Evil

Seem like the CRES wanted to smear more green on upcoming red shirt protest and gathering.   Those “mental” attackers aimed at MRT and BTS, according to Deputy PM Suthep.

The country is so ready to celebrate its own 911 mode with a lot of army personnel standing on guards around  shopping district just to make the situation worst for tourism. Still, the PM and his Deputy cannot warrant Bangkok would be bomb and grenade free. Mr. Suthep still said, “don’t panic.” when recently the presence of the military did not deter the bomb makers and grenade lauchers.

We also have Sirichoke who thought he outdid Victor Bout and lure But to talk about his connection with Thaksin. To be fair, it was Sirichoke who did all the talking.

To me, the red shirts who went to the protests and other activities are perfect goats for this building up tension. Maybe the government wanted men in red instead of trying to catch men in black. Men in black was not destabilizing the state and they were long gone.

So I guess this time they will try to link everything to the red shirts and caught them red handed using any methods that kill or the fun in the city.

Remember what Mr. Suthep said. Don’t panic– but the hidden message might be don’t join the red activities. Perhaps, the government is justifying its huge increase in military budget.

I could not think of anything better than having the army seal their weapon depots and watch for anyone who try to gain access to explosive devices.


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