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Autopsy reports: Red shirts killed by high velocity ammunitions (Update)

Bangkok Post and Thairath published autopsies of victicms of the 10 April incidents.

Autopsies on 11 victims of the violence on Saturday night revealed nine red-shirt demonstrators were killed by high velocity bullets to the head or chest, an independent committee announced on Monday afternoon.

No details were given of the bullet calibre or possible  weapon used.

Police General Hospital chief medical officer Jongjet Aowajenpong said five of the the nine victims were shot in the head, and four in the chest.

Another victim died from respiratory failure, Pol Maj Gen Jongjet said.

Pol Maj Gen Jongjet said Japanese camerman Hiro Muramoto, a Reuters journalist,  was shot in the chest but the committee will not reveal the details of his death.

He said the Japanese government has asked the Thai government not to reveal the details to the public.

Experts will look into the types of fireams used and other aspects of the shootings, he said.

There were 21 deaths – 17 civilians, including a foreign reporter, and four soldiers – with 863 others injured in the political bloodshed in Bangkok on Saturday.

Military rifles issued to troops in Thailand are generally high-velocity small calibre, such as the M16 which fires a 5.56mm high velocity cartridge. Pictures from Saturday night’s riot show figures identitied as protesters also with military-type weapons, including an M16.

Weapon sighting included Tavor Tar 21, using the ammunition at the same caliber as an M-16 (5.56×45 NATO).  supposedly official guns. Whoever, the men in black are, they kept their spent cartridges well.

Thairath went in details and reported  five protesters  (Sawat, Yutthana, Wasan, Ampol,  and Praisom) died because of with brain trauma from high velocity gun shots. The first four people were “killed from gun shot wound, destroying their brains. Bullet entered from back [went through the skulls] and exited through the front” ( italic added in translation. เสียชีวิตจากบาดแผลกระสุนปืนทำลายสมอง กระสุนปืนเข้าจากบริเวณด้านหลังทะลุด้านหน้า). Other three men (Tawatchai, Charoon, and an identified Thai man) were shot in the chest-abdominal areas (entry: chest, puncture lungs, a liver and main arteries) it was  unclear some bullets could be recovered from those bodies. A man died of personal  respiratory failure.

I’ll leave readers to interpret trajectories.

UPDATE: Got a photo of one victim from http://thaienews.blogspot.com/2010/04/10_13.html. Graphic content and could be disturbing. The ballistic trajectory is not my interpretation.


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6 Responses

  1. antipadshist says:


    I’ll leave readers to interpret trajectories.”

    but do you have some clues ? 😉

    my own thoughts I’ve already given on NM blog:

    I don’t know how objective (neutral) this newspaper [Thairath] is, ans especially the doctors & autopsy specialists (one quoted on Nation is from Defense Ministry) – thus I do not subscribe to the version that these people were killed from behind. but then, even if they were – it is not a big deal to position snipers well in advance especially in such a way so that to be able later implicate the red-shirts themselves, or, as now the preferred gov. version is – “terrorists”. it doesn’t really matter for a sniper where from to shoot – from behind, front, side or even from above.

  2. Meaw says:

    The autopsies did not reveal anything much. Autopsies were conduct by state hospitals. The red shirts claimed that they captured at least one sniper from a building. Put this aside I don’t like the fact that someone was shot from behind. Other bullet holes on the democracy monument was unusually high. Even the troop on the ground shot”in the air.”

  3. Boonsong says:

    All reporting is subjective. The reporter’s interpretation of the scene will promote his truth only. There is no such thing as absolute truth due to imperfect understanding, even with autopsies

  4. Asia Society says:

    Dear Meaw,

    I am writing to inform you that Asia Society will be hosting a live webcast-only event featuring Kiat Sitthiamorn, Thai Special Envoy to New York and Washington. The discussion will center on the current political situation in Thailand. This live webcast takes place June 14th on http://www.AsiaSociety.org/Live from 4:00 to 5:00 pm ET. You will be able to embed the webcast in your blog by clicking on the share tool that appears on the video.

    We are sure that you will find this discussion relevant to your ongoing political coverage in Thailand. Furthermore, we hope that you will inform your readers of this event as well as tune in yourself. Please contact me at webintern1@asiasociety.org if you have any questions or concerns.

  5. SapaiTurk says:

    Turkey And Thailand For SapaiTurk

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