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Test your sight: assault rifles and portesters

Photo: Bangkok Post

Please go to the Bangkok Post’s front page in the website and look at the headline photo under “Emergency Rule”for your convenience I have included the photo/link. Was this the automatic rifles captured from the Suthep’s personal guards that  Seth Mydan and Thomas Fuller reported:

“Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban, who is in charge of security for the government, was one of those evacuated to a military headquarters after the protesters wrestled with his security guard, seized the guard’s weapon and emptied out the ammunition. (Italic added)

Yesterday, at the second protest site, the leaders took turn to show captured image of “M16” seized in the parliament in  and said that the weapon will belong to Suthep.

Matichon reported earlier that  the assault rifle were carried by an official security force in the parliament who was attacked by the red shirt protesters and the rifle and a pistol was taken away by force.

Sadly, no other Thai reports discussed if the weapons were pre-loaded, the pistols should be loaded, but most assault rifles carried for guards in the many barracks were not loaded (i.e. as far as one can see the ammunition magazine were usually not present.) Clipping from Post Today at the Parliament clipping service said the rifle was fully loaded. so the Red shirt might take the magazine out.

And if the solution for the government is to armed the anti-riot force, i don’t think it is a suitable idea in this climate where people will out-number the riot police.

For the Red shirt leasers and protesters, this post a new question of their contact with security officials. Should leaders subtly encouraged the people to disarm the armed official by force of  protesters, while knowing that the weapon was loaded (and locked?) to obtain an evidence to call for more people to protest as the government is ready to kill the people? This was too dangerous to allow protesters to take the risk of an accident during the struggling moment when they try to obtain the evidence from the security official.

Later, Chatupon Phrompan denied that the leaders of the Rajaprasong stage did not have any motion for the red shirts at Phan Fa to broke into the parliament.

Post Today reported that:

ช่วงที่แกนนำอีกปีกกำลังสลายตัว นายอริสมันต์ พงศ์เรืองรอง ซึ่งอยู่บนรถปราศรัยหน้าประตูถนนอู่ทองใน ได้ฉวยโอกาสสั่งให้กลุ่มคนเสื้อแดงอีกกลุ่มบุกเข้าไปยังรัฐสภากลุ่มคนเสื้อ แดงเขย่าประตูก่อนปีนและขับรถชนพังเข้ามาในรัฐสภาได้สำเร็จ และปะทะกับเจ้าหน้าที่ตำรวจล้มระเนระนาด

“…Arisman Pongreungrong, on the mobile stage on Uthing Nai Rd., ordered another group of red shirt to break into the parliament …” Arisman is an official speakers and recognized leader of the Red shirts and he is entrusted to take care of the protesters in front of the parliament.  Should the Red shirt leaders and the red shirt protesters dismissed this action as merely anther pseudo red’s outrage? Anyway, the “evidences” was obtained, in a very needless manner. The government used this even to declare the sate of emergency, the red shirt leaders to call for more people to the protest.

It is not about the government and the People but how to ensure the right and safety of the party involved. I hope that the good means will take care of itself, while the bad means will unfold themselves.


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