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Interestingly, new riot gears purchased.

A vast arsenal of anti-riot equipment – worth 243 million baht – has been bought or ordered since the ISA was invoked more than three weeks ago.

The array of crowd-control gear includes “Robocop” armour, rubber bullets, tear gas grenades, gas masks, batons and vehicles fitted with water cannons.

The new set of riot control equipment “of international standard” is to be used by 60 military companies and other security forces responsible for dealing with the red shirt protest.

A military source said army chief Anupong Paojinda had discontinued the use of old rubber bullets and tear gas canisters bought from the US and China in 1995 and ordered the use of all newly acquired crowd control equipment to prevent a repeat of the mistakes made in handling the demonstration in front of the parliament by the People’s Alliance for Democracy on Oct 7, 2008.

The source said the government had placed an order for 400,000 rubber bullets used with a special adapter attached to the muzzle of an M16 rifle, and another 8,000 rubber bullets for shotguns. The rubber bullets cost 25 baht each. An order has also been placed for blanks worth 48 baht each.

The government has also ordered from Britain and Malaysia hand-thrown tear gas aerosol canisters priced at 2,920 baht each, and gun-fired tear gas grenades priced at 2,700 baht each.

Tear gas grenade launchers valued at about 30,000 baht each have also been ordered.

The government has also ordered riot control body shields worth 4,430 baht each, “Robocop” armour (19,000 baht each), gas masks (24,000 baht each), riot control batons (900 baht each) and crowd control vehicles fitted with water canons worth 18 million baht each, among other equipment.

More than 47,000 soldiers have been assigned to help police maintain security during the red shirt demonstration in Bangkok.

— Anti-riot arsenal piles up/ http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/security/35649/anti-riot-arsenal-piles-up

New sets of riot gears within three weeks. Were the ones used last year not functioning? Will they really want to use them in protracted protests this time? Where were the last batches? And apart from GT200, who have won the bid?

Will they work well this time?


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  1. David Brown says:

    seems the military is panicking … trying to maximise its corrupt income before the redshirts win and Thaksin cuts their budget again

    the military need to be cut sown and brought under control of a democratically elected government… a bitter but necessary pill for the fat cats “leading” Thailand

    no wonder they are making sure Abhisit does not give in… yet!

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