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Red in EC

Some people wearing red shirts are seen to try to break into the Election Commission building. The red shirt leaders asked them to leave the premise, claiming anyone wearing red shirts and refusing to do so are not real red.

at 14.20 Kwanchai praipana asked the protesters to leave to prevent any justification of the further action from the government.

At 13.00 (matichon: http://matichon.co.th/news_detail.php?newsid=1270439179&grpid=00&catid=no) Red shirt speaker asked men to surround the EC Building to seek Aphichat Sukatkanont, EC Chairperson for a talk. (Bangkok Post: http://bangkokpost.com/breakingnews/173692/red-shirts-to-rally-at-ec)

In twitter some supporters said the soldiers were travelling out of the Infantry 11 in red shirts and on pick up trucks. This is not confirmed in the news yet and it is only red supporters’ speculation. However, why on earth they wanted to were red from inside the Infantry 11. Why don’t they wear normal uniform or something else when they leave, stop and change to red shirts when approaching the EC. Anyway, I don’t think the pseudo-red charge from red shirts will leave them with zero accountability with Thai media report.


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