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Business and the Red Shirt

An explosion at Saphan Kao, getting nearer to the yellow community of Nang Lerng and Bo Bae, whose two community members were killed during the unrest last summer. The ultimatum that red must leave before nine pm was folded up and the negotiation will resume tomorrow while the “business sectors” was bubbling with concerns that the economy will be affected. Indeed, their economy will be affected first. Then the overall economy will received this trickle down effect, too.  Matichon reported that the private business owners complained the loss of “60-70” million baht at Paragon. It is amazing how much money the single shopping mall can make in a day.

Oh the other hand, the water sellers and snack sellers were doing pretty well. Plastic sheet sellers will be busy tonight if you talk small scale, nontaxable and nonproductive to the GDP. I wish I could be water seller at the mob.


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