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Pending larger benefits to the underground business…

Some would notice that there are news of looming mass deportation of migrant workers, most of them will be Burmese and ethnic people from Myanmar who will not want to share their sensitive personal information with the junta.

Here is a very brief practical projection we already knew: where the money will be

The sectors hiring migrants have not been vocal about the policy that affects them: the fisheries and related downstream industries, knit textiles and garment and agro-industries. The migrant workers contributed to “$53 million to the economy every year.”

It is likely that those who advocate the restrictive and difficult to comply policy such as national verification process that will exclude people like the Rohinya, the non-Burmans, the Shan, etc. will enjoy acknowledging that the more restrictive the policy is, the money and benefit will go underground and nourish influential figures, mafia, corrupted civil, police and military officials and human trafficking groups.

And it is funny that the economics post grad still advocates the restrictive path to fund mafia and corrupted officials.

Samut Sakorn workers who wanted to avoid the natinality verification process already quit their jobs. So after 28 Feb., expect the seafood price will be increased as there will be less willing labour to do it. Switching to underground illegal labour will take some time and will benefit the black economy than the state at large.


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