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Urgent: Thailand to deport Karens fleeing from astrocity

An urgent email reached people today that tomorrow, the local authority, probably with permission from the Thai government will order Usata and Nong Bua Christian Karen refugees, who are ow residing in temporary shelters in Tak. to be deported.

According to Cross Border News Agency, the refugees did not want to remain in Thailand, they wanted to go back home but it will be extremely unsafe.

The villages are planted with landmines, forced portering and labour, women could face rape. They was not very willing to stay in a refugee camps in Thailand, as they will compromise freedom of movement in return to very grime lives and restriction. For now it would be the only choice.

Yet, the local authorities demanded they be forced to leave Thailand tomorrow.

If the Hmong forced repatriation was under the media spotlight, and yet no one can ask the Thai government to stop it, the silenced Karen deportation will risk the Burmese and DKBA soldiers, landmines and their lives as soon as they arrive the border.

It is not likely that someone will ask the Burmese government that they can monitor the return of the Karen refugees. I was informed at the last minute.

The deportation will start tomorrow. I only hope to spread the words and hope that the Thai government will stop the refoulment.

Here is a link of news in Thai: http://gotoknow.org/file/ngaochan/CBNA_53.doc and if anyone want photos and first hand account interview from human right lawyers who have visited the temporary shelters, background or any information, drop me a message.


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