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When thaksin said in a phone-in to PT members that the single party parliament would ensure his return to the country and, implicitly, that they should not afraid to show they are his supporters and when Chavalit talked about reconciliation and forgiveness.

Everything looks fine but a bit too short. Too simple.

Seem like the PAD and the new politic party will want both the red and the government to battle, while they watch. I don’t think that the PAD party will eventually win, but sure, the loyal fans could steal more vote from the South, given hardcore Democrat may not like to see the cabinet overwhelmed by Newin.

And the biggest question of the day: who really run the politics?

Are we enjoying these proxies?

Ah, yes. It is clear that people do not merely consider who is the puppets. They know and select the master.

Because people think that the proxies represent something larger than themselves. Wives, children and relatives represent exile MPs. Banned MPs are openly running the country, sadly, they are not paid but I think they can earned more without accountability. PT party is operated from Cambodia, PNG, Dubai, etc. Democrat party is believed to be operated from err.. where? There are many centers for Democrat fragments.

It is clear who is running the party. Among them I don’t think that Abhisit runs the party or the cabinet.

Thus, I think the ban imposed on the MPs are quite useless. It will only allowed them to remain in shadow, while actively do things during the five years that they will not e accountable.

Depend on your believe, some people really enjoy the “hiatus” and those people will say I will not get involve in politic. Because could do more.


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