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Merit making could avert bad fortune and kramic force? The blend of “Buddhism” and modern technology was reported in Thaksin hologram appearance for his birthday merit making. Well this is not a new phenomena when powerful people would use any superstitious ways to maintain power. Commercially and financial-wise, they seemed to be able to make “bigger” value of money merit. He used to have Khmer witch doctor counsellor, with him. Now that guy was busy securing deals and his own business with his own party. Probably he had exhausted all other mean and I have not heard he hired personal development coaches (like law of attraction, but I think he needed badly to defy gravity to achieve that.) I thought he thinks big everyday. And he might wondered if the law of attraction would work.

Anyway, I could only think Haiti, where voodoo is still used politically, Myanmar and Thailand, where people can consult astrologers and make merit in order to return to power.

I am wondering who are ritual counsellor for Democrat. I hope it is not Newin. Oh, if you need to know the rituals behind the coup, please check Wassana Nanuam’s Lub Luang Prang III.

I like “maew skywalker” by matichon [http://www.matichon.co.th/news_detail.php?newsid=1248354569&grpid=01&catid=01]


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