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All because of the coup

A movement to collect petiontions to free takky (nah, we had iggy.) is gaining momentum, at least in newspaper debate.

Every evidence of his conviction is marred because of the bloody useless bloodless coup. Guilty but the … were unfair to me. They were appointed by the coup.

He never talked about the gap between the rich and the poor. Normal people, not leaders, who rallied for him go to court, were probably bailed out or maybe not and face trials. Like it or not, only cream of the rich can afford to escape and critize the court, knowing that he would not be accountable for contempt of the court, at least when he is not in Thailand and there would be supporters ask for his pardon.

There are people facing LM cases left to rot in judicial process, perhaps, takky supporters have to steer clear from those people in public now. Do those people facing LM charges and takky supporters are one and the same, overlapping but not equal, or the engagement are fluid.

Do I believe that takky will be the solution for egalitarianism, communism or other ideologies people think he endorsed? I don’t think so. His interest is takkyism and he seemed to make any alliances with anything that make takkyism prospers. Left, right, north, northeast, dubai, china.. whatever.

And so called takky supporters are alienated. If something happen they go to court, served jail term, came back with criminal records. They petitioned for this man to be pardon. ironic.

Some people started to see his true color before the coup. The bloodless coup came, and takky, hail takky, promoted himself to be a self proclaim rights defender (how many human rights defenders killed in your government? no progress, no respond. I took this personally as I knew one of them), democracy protector (FTA, 2005 Emergency Decree and media interference, in short) and an excellent executive who can run anything from a football club to a country (sir, did you pay your taxes?). Loyal or not I do not care. He positions himself as an understanding, big spening but lesser and nessesity evil. These were forgotten. Yet, he can be wiped clean instancely, once he started mentioning the coup.

On average, he seemed to impress supporters who like him and will do anything so that he could return to lead, to govern, perhaps to do the same again, or even do better or worse, they reasoned the good deeds outweigh small unintended mistakes. Supporters are a part of people, and if “vote no” in a national election, just before he started dragging the matter for a bit too long, can be counted, there are people that do not like they way he did his business. He could be ousted by an election (plus patience), a fair election or not was Election Commission’s question.

Again, they were forgotten because of the bigger highlight: the coup. Ousted by the coup. He rephrased “I am abused by the coup, and in a fine print: the coup supporters.”

For people who do not support a coup, bloody or bloodless, they are also generalized and simplified as red. takky is not my red. I went to protest the coup, then I was red. I felt sick during his phone in. I disagree with his statement.

There is only thing in common.

I don’t support the coup.
I think it was unwise.

I believe that people can learn. They were learning how to harness electoral democracy, and it was terminated to focus of takky-as-democracy.

All because of the coup.


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