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Where was my vote?

While waiting to hear from the Election commission on Sakon Nakorn by-election, let’s guess what would be the answer for the new Peua Thai MPs to-be. A yay or a nay.

Several speculations were made after korean grill dinner, iced raspberry tea and late night women’s talk.

Given that the Iranians who came out to protest wanted to ask, “where is my vote?” the people who voted for Peua Thai candidate would like to reiterate to the EC, to the government and to Newin, that This is, and perhaps, it was my vote anyway, after the red card. I suspected that if this MPs would be red carded again, the Peua Thai candidate could also win the next election.

Being red carded, is not a candidate’s personal shame anymore, particularly when almost every aspect of people’s participation to the “grand”-politics are much watched and scrutinized by the opposite camps, the no camps, the two Nos, the academic, the media, civil societies (including the red, yellow, blue, etc. groups), elites, and bloggers. A result of an election reflected identities of people, at least many believed so. For an example, a “poor”(read “red carded”) selection, resulting in bad-mouthing or bad jokes, one was over heard during a visit to yellow mob: “I think people of … are poor and uneducated so they picked… for MPs, who bought them.” Let me make it clear that I do not always endorsed EC’s standard on giving red cards. There are, ironically, similar comments overheard in red mobs about choices of Southern people.

Despite solid evidences of vote buying, it is clear that accepting vote buying is another political expression, maybe no ideologically the best one, however, after several elections with the same result in certain areas, in this case, Sakornakorn, it must means something. The crude interpretation: people wants Thaksin. Yeah, they said that.

It would not be difficult to report election fraud. Unreported election fraud or vote buying are the matter people can choose. There are international fraud monitor, namely representative of opposition camps and independent vote monitoring organizations, including but not limited to EC. There are reasons not to report. Traditionally upright people would say fear, greed, ignorant or simply want to go with the rest of the people. people are told that they should report, but they can always turn blind eyes to parties that represented their interests in the long run. Some call this political moral corruption and went in all details to explore how and why these ‘unaware’ people can be converted to morally upright citizens.

But what if they want to voice something, something more than the mainstream interpretation of landslide reaffirmation of people’s choices. Even if the by-election was considered dubious in Constituency 3 poll, it is clear that the majority of people still want Peua Thai representative and the party’s ideology if there is any, despite previous red cards. Perhaps they, too, know that vote-buying allegation will be investigated again, that the EC endorsement will be difficult but it is necessary to shout out loud that “corrupted” or not, the people’s vote should be heard and counted, if not respected.

And I heard, too, that people who are ‘ignorant’ should not be allowed to cast their vote, or we should impose weighed on each person’s vote according to education level or how good citizens they are.

But we should respect the one man, one vote. Everybody is equal in front of a polling booth. But in Thailand, “morals” and “merits” are important than equality.


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