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whoever is the government… some of the poor is still poor.

We have unlikely explaination of heavy rain on 21th May. At least this is what matichon related the rain to Somchai Wongsawat’s declaration that he will return to politic in the next five years. After that came a heavy storm. What is more important, though, Chalerm Yuubamrung actually put practical reasons why the government made mistakes on financial discipline, increasing taxes foreign loans and generally put Thais into greater risks.

But isn’t all governemtn will put people at risk, anytime and anyway? We have the risks of less self dependent and addiction to “populism” and self-sufficient from the past governments. It would be difficult to name them, as we will have to name all of them.

In Peua Thai meeting yesterday, Chalerm, who refused to lead the party, said he would outline what the party would do and would not hessitate to use any measures within or outside the parliament to get the Democrat led government out. Somchai was certain that the party will be the government in the future.

However, the gap or justice between the rich (like.. if you have six passports and will participate the bid of an island) and the poor, who are now lying on the footpath near Ministry of Finace, near my soi, an obviously deserve some coverage (despite the rain tomorrow..) is still enormous. They are calling for grace period for thier agricultural loans. Yet, the culture of mass mobilization might obliterate their stories.

PS. After a long disappearnce, I have learned that in the near future, i will be traveling to collect some in dformation in the refugees camps after too much time spent for back and forth emails and a lot of meeting during the past weeks. so will be back to blog regularly.


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