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color blind

Matichon tracked a man who was photographed while pulling a red shirt woman by her hair and drag her down the road on 13 April.

The blog post has been removed from personal blog but matichon still maintained his statement that he did not felt sorry doing that and he agreed the there will be people who approved or disapproved his behaviour, either because it is not right to treat a woman that way or they are red shirt supporters.

He further explained that he would not apologize or feel sorry for the woman being treated that way, and ready to face charge. He voiced his conviction that the matter would be manipulated by red shirts to benefit certain group of people.

The matter of the two people was over shadowed about “the” institutions, Thaksin, red or yellow. Conflict between people reflecting conflicting ideologies, wasn’t it? We were made to be color blind. The other color are enemies. The enemy is meant to be humiliated and eliminated.

The threat of destruction of trusted institutions, public orders, violence, terrorism, fear of going down the J curve, tourism industry’s anxiety, are like swine flu, some gave up critical thoughts, seeking alternative facts, looking at other angles, seeing things beyond colors. The fear of social brake down has be successfully re/produced by the government. This is just an example of promoting hatred and fear of lefties. The government is and is to be responsible for a part of counter-red shirt with violence and cultivate distrust in the society.

Reds attacked yellows or yellows attacked reds are entirely relative and depend on reporting angles. from the point you stand and aim a camera. yes this man attacked a red shirt woman. and yes, well, “red shirts” burned buses. and yes, there were sound of gunfire and smell of explosive materials in the air that I breathed. There should be investigations, but given so much mistrust in this community, it would be very post modern. truth is relative and multiple.

If you are urged to see both side of the coin, why not expand an investigation to a narrow, endless round metal strip that connect both sides of the same coin together.Perhaps it could prevent some violence from color blindness in this political community.

after all, losing an ability to see that a person confronting you is a fellow human being because of her color, is what we need for the next apartheid or concentration camps. And most of the time, victims were used politically, rather than being healed.


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