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Thaksin: intervention needed

After the messy Songkran, Thaksin proposed (Via BBC)

Speaking from Dubai, Mr Thaksin told the broadcaster France 24 that only King Bhumipol could mediate an end to the crisis.

“He is the only person that can intervene in this incident, otherwise the violence will become wider and also the confrontation would be more and more,” he said.

Umm, according to his strong faith in “the people,” I think that he would be the last person to say that. No need to confirm his loyalty in the public script, because it could be otherwise turned again him.

Is he another supporter of the not-so-ready-for-democracy-Thais scheme? I doubted it. He shouldn’t be, shouldn’t he?
Was he dreaming of Black May? and the two Octobers?

Honestly, I would not feel vogue if he has said, “Abhisit is the only person to end this conflict. His house dissolution will prevent bloodshed.”


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  1. Henry Pohl says:

    It is ironic that Mr. Thaksin should finance the terrorism against his own country and then threaten the King that he must step in to end the violence or “there will be more bloodshed”.

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