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Update from inside the red people.

I got several calls from concerned people about people in the red crowd, that were not wearing red and would like to leave the government building and near by areas. According to telephone conversation, people could not leave the compounds, they were surrounded by armed officers who told them that they must stay here or risk being attack from anti- protesters people waiting around the area.

Could it be possible that some one will pick up the hint and follow up on the condition of the protesters at the government’s building where, according to the call, are women and the elderly, who did not join any activities outside.

My source has been trying to leave since the last hour and a half and could not negotiate with the officers at the scene.


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  1. Tom says:

    Even in german TV they confirm that “anti protest people” are waiting for red shirts to leave

    (only in german, sorry).

    about 2:50 minutes.

    This could get very bad

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