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Statement of “No Shirt” movement

no-shirts-no-problemsmeaw wishes to thanks biz_art for bodypainting and model.

Since the society break-down, people have been reduced to a mannequin wearing military fatigue, red shirt and blue shirts, serving some causes. We all forget one thing.

Beneath the shirts and uniform, we are human. People wearing different color shirts are also human, and should be treated accordingly. If it is hard to recognize the fact that we have the same dignity, integrity and vulnerability, peel of your shirts and see what is within you.

The no shirt movement urges every party not to use violence to handle the situation.
The movement urges everybody to be constructive and to treat people beyond different colors and ideologies and to realize that everybody are sisters and brothers. the government should take measure to intervene violence confrontation among civilians. The only weapon allowed should be water pistols or cannons, seriously.

Hopefully, people would realize that a shift of perspective, red, blue or military fatigue are equally human.


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