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Need distraction from violence, shift everybody’s attention to an election…

I had been discussing with many of my two Nos friends and we find out that what is more dangerous than “thugsin” or “thepthug” regimes if that Thai people are attacking one another. we need distraction that will not plunge the country into deeper violence instead of letting people clash and lose limbs and live.

An election, a major sacrifice from the government should make red supporters or MPs to concentrate more on election. Despite they will not immediately end violence, because everything is rather out of control and most people will focus on violence. Most MPs that lead local people to block roads and raid public radios and creating chaos will shift all of their attention to an election.

Despite the face that the red shirts are creating unpleasant situation for us all and it is preferable that the people should go back home and enjoy the festival, it should be noted that in a democratic society, we have to put up with protest and dissolution of protesters in peaceful mean. If they do something wrong, they will be arrested. If the government fail to prevent the clash between different groups of people, then they have to make some sacrifice. People who participate the red shirt movement should also learn that there are cost to pay for impunity and exceptions on the yellow shirt is a major excuse that the government cannot implement rule of law.

A non-violence solution demands a creative, self sacrificing tips. Even the worst government is better than this violence stalemate. The top priority should be ending the chaos, rather than creating more chaos and upsetting more people by lingering on to the positions. If the government is certain that they handle the situation well, they can come back anytime. They should not be afraid of the people making their choices.

Unfortunate, the government is not being accepted by the red shirts and it cannot control the situation without resorting to violence and military power, which confirm the red shirt propaganda that the government’s original is rather undemocratic.

Thugsin is an uncontrollable factors, but the government can change and do the right thing to initiate more uprising. If they are oil added to flame, why not kindly ask them to remove themselves from being the cause? If they really think about massive people who is not being blocked from traveling to and back home, they would know what to do.

Many people would argue that if the government , like what they did during the pattaya siege, allow the red shirts to get what they want, the people would support thugsin to escape his jail term and come back as the prime minister or whatsoever, this could prevent by an fresh election, in which he is likely to be illegitimate because of his legal cases and sentences. Many people would see his true color by now. However, if the situation is prolonged and the crowd closed more roads and demand more general uprising, thugsin could use this opportunity to spur the crowd to demand impunity and even to reinstate him by creating more violence.

Cut the crap, resign and I might consider you good guys.


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