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Privy Councillor on Thaksin

In brief, Bangkok Post mentioned that Privy councillor Gen Pichitr Kullavanijayavoiced frustration over the government’s failure to take action against Thaksin. He said Thaksin had offended the royal institution on several occasions and accused the ex-premier of attempting to bring down the monarchy.

Further statement is available here.

Gen Phichit, whose name was mentioned at the red-shirt rally on Thursday night, asked what privilege entitled Thaksin to refuse to accept the court’s punishment.

“Why is it that, continuously, no action has been taken against him?” he said.

Gen Phichit suggested the government should follow up on these matters, and there should be an investigative team exposing the facts to the public, especially about how Thaksin could shift a large amount of money to an island notorious for money laundering.

Gen Phichit’s statement came after Thaksin on Saturday accused Privy Council president Gen Prem Tinsulanonda and Privy Councillor and former prime minister Gen Surayud Chulanont of being behind the military coup that toppled him in October 2006.

Gen Phichit was adamant that privy councillors were not engaged in politics, as claimed by Thaksin.

Matichon and Thairath had more statement in Thai.

Series of Privy Councillor speeches can be expected daily as well as Thaksin’s VDOlink. There are, unfortunately no official polls to see which ones caused more swing voices.


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One Response

  1. fall says:

    A buzz word “royal institution” had been thrown in the air for years.
    It’ld be best if any authority, palace, or privy council would come out and clearly define as to who is or is not include in such word…

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