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Got a new mass-newsletter inviting those who did not want or do not want the lese majeste law to be revoked. No they are not yellow-based. The venue is at Chula. They stated that the want to de-politicize the law rather than abolish it. Another interesting movement. Wondering, though, if there is a de-politicized and neutral alw that cannot be manipulated to someone’s interest in this country or elsewhere.

Prchatai published an FCCT talk by Thongchai and Andrew Walker (via skpye) in Thai. English statement is available at New Mandala.

Meanwhile, the official report did not clarify anything but gloss the Prachatai incident as (re)publishing content that threaten the institution/national security, as a violation of cyber crime act. Since it is illegal to reproduce or retell the “offence” not many people know what it is all about. The only people who can read are those people who monitor the web precisely for certain keywords.

Anyway, how could several moderators deal with massive post in a webboard. Suppose it was on for five minute then deleted promptly, should a web moderator be responsible for five minutes of allowing things to surface because s/he is busy. will they cyber crime bring the evidence from the cache?

The arrest of Prachatai director will make people who surf the web and actively host webboards or blogs become even more self-censored, unless they wanted to use cryptic language, which would outsmart the cyber detectors. it’s tough these days.

So there are many more people now that express thier point and trying to find some space along two poles. Appreciated the moement, though may not participate or agree. keep up the good efforts to send letters and stir water.


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