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Two decapitations in the same paper.

One on Rama VIII bridge and several other in decapitation in the south.
a. Bangkok: Head of foreigner found hanging from city bridge. Probably the first head hanging there.
b.Yala: Insurgents behead man and wife in Yala

The unarmed victims, identified as Kongphet Janyarerk, 39, and his wife Yenjai, 38, were ambushed and killed while they were on their way to at a rubber plantation in Yala’s Raman district. The culprits decapitated them and took their heads away before escaping from the area.

Kompetch was a deputy village chief. Police speculated on Sunday that the rubber tappers were killed because the insurgents suspected Kongphet had been a government informer.

Thanks Bangkok Post for the “headless” incident report.


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  1. Roland says:

    I seem to remember another case of a head left dangling from a bridge a few years ago. I can’t remember clearly, but feel vaguely that the earlier case was also a foreigner.

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