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But he was a foreigner and the news highlight kindness, rather than his right to freedom of expression anyway. Has Harry not been pardon, the human rights status of Thailand would go to minus two digit numbers. His release will even emphasize the kindness of the power, internationally recognized rational senses, and that Thailand is not the land of “human rights abuse,” at least for this case. The kindness is not right now available to the rest of the non-farang members of the same charge. We do not know what really happen to them, would anyone write them any petition? Would foreign media help?

Even before his release, I bet the petition would have to say that he was guilty. An act of a pardon did not recognize freedom of expression, but it is likely that on one would like to stay in Bangkok prison. A foreigner being granted pardon does not make any different to freedom of expression in Thailand.

Eventually, when Harry was released and if we were made to forget about the rest of people imprisoned and to be imprisoned in the same charge, please remember that it was not about kindness, but it is about freedom of expression. The intension to make the cost of freedom more expensive on local people, should not be forgotten. The radical politicalization of the charge should not be forgotten. How many more “kindness” must be granted before people would stop using the charge for their own reasons?

The kindness should not be forgotten, but not all people will be able to access.


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