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The Curious Case of Thai Opium Elimination

I had read “Secret of Thai success in opium war” at BBC in Afghan-Thai Drug Lesson. Having been planned to visit the Royal Project “farmer market” style show at the paragon to shop for avocado, peach and “organic” strawberries. I was a bit worry that the climate in afghanistan might not be suitable to plant high-value crash crops that could produce as much income, use less water like opium. Still if they insist on doing the project they could have to borrow money for infrastructure, dam, check dams, irrigation canals or even webs of sprinkle pipes would cost a lot of foreign loans and subsequently, debt before they can do the agricultural project.

The British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, who has been in Afghanistan this week, insists they are on the right track with more Afghan provinces becoming opium free and the overall harvest being reduced a little last year.

“I don’t know which programme the Thai representative is talking about because we don’t do grand infrastructure projects,” he said.

Still I am really grateful for the organic strawberries and avocado. But. A huge but, anyone interested in reading anything about nationalism and hydro power development project in Sri Lanka? That could be another upcoming agenda in the irrigation project. How long should the irrigation pipeline be. What ethnic group it should reach before an abrupt end? What can we justified the motive to prevent communism terrorism, drugs and defend democracy. NOT, absolutely not in Thailand where the red provinces usually get dams.

I know women should not ask these questions in public. Many people would be happy if I go there, shop and cook something from avocado for them and do not question the politics behind avocado. Will obviously do this while listening to M.I.A.

Here is a little tip.
Avocado-Yoghurt Smoothie (Two serving)

One cup of full milk yoghurt (because I do not believe in low fat ), but if you live in somewhere you can find curd in terra cotta pot, go for it. Freeze the yoghurt before preparation could be good. It can be substituted with cold milk or soymilk for vegans.

One ripe Medium avocado, dice. Use royal project when possible

Honey, about four tablespoon. Don’t forget the royal project honey squeezable tube. If not, go for any kind of road side honey, sold along with the curd.

Whipping cream. (optional)

Ice cubes. not too much, we want it creamy, right.

Put the curd or yoghurt and diced avocado in blender, blend until smooth. Add honey and later ice, blend again until creamy, serve with any eatable garnishment at hand (mint leave, slice of a strawberry, etc). Add whipping cream if you prefer. If not, you can add milk powder on top, given no one has lactose intolerance.


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  1. KV says:

    Went to see the Paragon on Friday. Let me just say…read carefully the texts out there and then one realises how little money the Royal house has given to those projects. But gets the credit anyhow. Even I could have made some of those gifts and give seed money to for example establishing the Foundation in 1990’s. And I am poor engineer. I was surprised about how small moeny we were talking about. And some comments were just odd. Oh, btw, ThaiBev is big sponsor of the showroom. Funny, isn’t that the company which produces that EVIL BEER!!?!?!?!

    ps. I found it silly to have cut-out boards for Bangkokians to have their pictures taken as in hill tribe ppl.

    pps. I do admire the Thailands results, they are great. But reading the BBC account, well, it has something to do with the mighty military too eh…Anyhow, as said, in general, without giving the big pats to the back of certain Person, better this way than competing with Afganistan in the opium producing.

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