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Are you controlling my tom yum ingredients?

After a friend sending the Thai link, Bangkok Post finally follow up a very worrying announcement in the headline.

The announcement on listing the plants as “hazardous substances type 1” under the 1992 Hazardous Substances Act was approved by Industry Minister Charnchai Chairungruang last month. It took effect on Feb 3.

Proposed by the Department of Agriculture, which is a member of the hazardous substances committee, the announcement requires growers, manufacturers, importers and exporters of pesticides, herbicides and plant disease control substances made from the 13 herbal plants to follow safety and quality control regulations issued by the committee. Otherwise they will face six months in jail and/or a fine of 50,000 baht. (emphasis added)

The Post graphic provided a list and how it could be used by farmers as commercial pesticide substitution.

While you or anyone will not follow anything but instruction on the label while using commercially available imported pesticide at your own risk.

Given that the announcement caused confusion and massive loophole local users of these plants and growers could be inspected to check their compliance. Permission are not required but who would follow any regulation growing small scale for personal/agricultural use. They would not have any corporate lawyers. It could be as annoying as, being counted how many chilli plants you have in your area by real or bogus officers and probably be fined if you don’t follow the rule. For people who want to be sufficient with very good faith, these are regularly presented in their herb garden.

Most stuffs listed as hazardous substance type 1 were not required any permit to grow and we will see how the extended reach to control chilli, ginger and galanga will affect thailand’s attempt to either be world’s kitchen or promotion of thai food. This could be confusing for food industry also.


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