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R, I missed you terribly, not because you were my x, but you are now a passage to freedom of speech for me. you know a guy was charged with that thing called lese majeste and refuse to stay in thailand, fearing unfair trial. (Please excuse me for not putting accent in the right place, they matter to you, you do french, but don’t correct my accents, read on, come on!).

When i was reading about his case, I was thinking about either to stay with the people who would not make trouble or just write my mind out. you knew what i believed in, but do I need to utter it now because the term anarchist had been badly abused during the airport siege.

The cost of expressing different political ideology is to have to take a leave to the UK. Well he has dual citizenship. He mom is a Briton. There are many people left rotten in jails. There are many more to have to report to the police and undergo traumatizing legal process.

That make me miss you. anything like fiancee visa in a country with no contract for extradition. I was thinking about you because one Rekesh Saxena (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rakesh_Saxena)had been escaping for years. You do not have to like me or marry me. Just invite me to stay, using that fiancee visa, and later if my political refugee visa and protection pass, I would leave.

I lost my wallet yesterday but I was not very proud to renew my thai ide card that soon, so I will go home, play with my dog and chill out about it. (I am serious here)

I did not think about making anything radical. I just blog. I miss the opportunity anyway. I had hoped things would worked out without any reason why. Now I know. I would not let you go had I known this.

I am seriously wanted to take a huge piss over this fuming situation. I am a bit sad though that many of people are not as lucky as people who can take academic freedom and flexible citizenship as their additional social safety net. Anyway, it was not clear if he’d return from his trip.

miss you.

PS. I did not write anything yet. Would not bother. There are people who would work on the issue. I must work on my thesis and people who did not have anyone to sign petition for them as well, but my heart go to you and the guys whose any kind of website communication might be blocked.

PSS I don’t like your last name but anyway, just fiancee visa.


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