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sick love for the nation

I was wandering around new test drive of online craft shop, while several emails was sent about Giles and censored statement because the articles and manifesto were blocked. Nevermind, when they are blocked, they are usually spread faster via emails. Was reading his “red” article along with heavy attack from yellow leader Sonthi L. The attack was mainly telling who is who, which people already knew. Giles’ red may not be the same red as red shirts. Maybe. Maybe not. My red was a red star floating in front of black background. The red that had been given a bad name by airport siege.

But who are those people who claimed to love more than others? Don’t they also love fellow citizens/ people that share the same species? The dearly cost of love and patrioticism, but not really in the name of the whole imagined-nation, sent people to jail, when they could not escape, and drive them from their places. Alienating love. From Rohingya to Giles, this is how some “kind” Thais treated them. Silencing love. Gaging love.

Suppressive love.

Is there only one form to express love to the nation and to him.

Sick love, indeed.

Do I need to love this way to be qualified to be a “good” citizens or national loving citizen. What nation? May I ask? They get things so messed and mixed up now.

For the people who speak up and stand up, you are the part of this nation, I love all of you. I may not agree with you or share any color ideology, but it is important to stir the water to see debris and soot at the bottom. It is important to make it publicly know that they cannot dominate how to love and what to love.

I was pondering that my resistance is silence, a walk out, a withdrawal Well, if they do not want people to constructively discussed the issue, then I will not discuss the issue or mention the name. I will not utter anything. Will not do anything. Let the people who claim to protect do their duties. Will see how long this gag would last. Will see if they could play sincere. They did not think about adverse effects. Perhaps those who said to “love” do not really worry about the effects.


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