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As there are no clear policy for thailand to brace with global economic downturn yet, many are thinking about removing police rank title from thaksin.

Anupong warns police about removing Thaksin’s rank
By: BangkokPost.com
Published: 11/01/2009 at 12:11 PM
Army chief Anupong Paojinda, after casting his vote in the Bangkok gubernatorial election on Sunday morning, said he would like the new governor to address local problems, such as traffic, sanitation and flooding.

Referring to the police’s effort to strip fugitve ex-prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s police rank of police lieutenant colonel, Gen Anupong reminded the police to look into the regulations and consider all factors carefully after the Supreme Court ruled him guilty of the Ratchadaphisek land procurement scandal.

The army chief also called on all Thais to put their conflicts behind to help the country overcome the crises.

This news tell a couple of things.

First, the supposed to be independent police organization will work according to direction or what they think it should be an appropriate response to respective government.

Second, if it is a government direct stance, the one they do not say it but it is like a move that they could refuse (or the police could be swimming in polluted klong saen saeb fish), then we have to read the government’s priority. ASEAN summit was clear one of the number ones, ready or not, the government want it to be on time and with cambodian leaders would attend it. Preah Vihear is now democrat’s own trap, anyway.

What do I want to hear is more viable economic package,where the PM would have to attend to it directly. Negotiations or anything having to deal with thaksin will not help the economy.


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