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love/hate in politics

Oh man, Suthep is assigned to bring back Thaksin according to Bangkok Post.
Here is the news.

Suthep assigned to bring back Thaksin

By: BangkokPost.com
Published: 1/01/2009 at 11:36 AM
Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thuagsuban will initially coordinate with relevant people to bring back ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra to the country, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said on Thursday.

Mr Abhisit said the government is ready to negotiate with all sides based on the principle of justice, so the country can progress forward.

Mr Thaksin should not be concerned that the government will mistreat him, the prime minister added.

Deputy Prime Minister Suthep, meanwhile, admitted that he was assigned to approach Mr Thaksin’s close associates. He said the negotiation is aimed at restoring order to the country.

The government already contacted his close associates and it is waiting for their response, Mr Suthep revealed.

He insisted the government only wants the ex-premier to fight his graft charges in the country and does not want to aggravate him.

Well, then who are assigned to deal with public vandalism, a murder charge during red-yellow crash and the rest of the damages done during the PAD government house occupation, asked many red speakers at the last gathering before they would all go home to celebrate new year. Oh and I must issue a warning to those who think that red = isarn. More and more bangkokians in sukumvit area took skytrain back to their residences. There are non bangkokian citizen but the middle class bog lovers are catching up to express their love to thaksin.

i digressed. Let me talk about political like/love

Lately I was discussing with my friend about the political preferences. For an example “I like …(insert a name of a politician or a political party or a political ideology), the “like” does not require any moral, legal or logical obligation. Another example: “I like pad thai, not a bangkok one but a phetburi one.” Do i exert any logicalor political superiority over bangkok pad thai?

Admittedly I used to think that what we like must be good, but umm if i like “bad boys” then bad is good. There are people who like Thaksin, personally or like him as a leader of the country. i don’t know why, yet they are as real as people who like Abhisit. There are rumor and classified news that Abhisit is a target of assassination. Well someone must not like him. But would a treat of assassination, a speculation that Thaksin is behind everything in the whole thailand universe might be completely irresponsible.

Admittedly we like many things that are bad, scientifically bad, self-proven that they are bad and we still do it. Smoking, drinking in excess during new year celebration, get stressed, etc. Those lifestyle that the howtos books would say no but we say yes are a part of being individuals not a mould perfect women, men and other sexes from school to howtos standards.

So I stop digressed. what is the point of bring Thaksin back to Thailand.

Would the Democrat like to prove or convince the public that he is wrong and hope that the votes will swing back to their side? Most people that like or love thaksin would still like/ love him, not because s/he is not wrong but because when you like/love a politician, the right or wrong is and always will be relative to what a politicians could negotiate his/her sins with his “good deeds.”

Likewise, many people who still love/like Democrat would renegotiate and accommodate the coming of Newin, the influences of Suthep and the ways Abhisit and MPS did not march peacefully to the parliament, even they when they could. Why feared people who wanted to chant “dissolve the parliament and give us back democracy.” In one month Democrat party of Thailand actually shattered my faith in their principles twice.

Nevermind, there are many fans that could tolerate.
So be proud to say I like … whatever color you are. Let your like/love be speakable because we really do not have to use reasons for that. Anyone can say anyone/ anything is good/bad to someone/something. So anything goes. Don’t let your preference gag your mouth.

I am still wearing white, umm and badly need to switch from chorine bleach to so called non-chorine oxygen bleach. You know the white thing get dirty easier. All pun intended and please read between the space of the sentence.

Happy 2009


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