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Firearms Crimes Stat in the South

Just when you think that I am holidaying, Santa Meaw dig in her harddisk and found firearms crime stat in the South of Thailand, including but not limited to the so called restive deep south.

Would be update more when the police HQ finally make all the links work.

tally firearms stat

 So the area that was partially control was military weapons. However, more civilian firearms offended  could be noted during 2008. As trend of military weapons offenses were reduced. Does this make me less worry? Nope. I am afraid that the non-military weapons could come in more handy in the city, drive by shooting and the conceal carry and easy access to ammunition would cost more life. I also worry that the stolen civilian firearms will now play more role that traditional military weapons. Civilian weapons could be “refilled” easily by killing or injured  someone and get the rest of the ammunition from the endless living weapon cache, by attacking armed civilians, which could be easier that raid a military weapon depots.

Yet still, what characterize “deep” south is surging military weapons cases in police statistic, comparing to other provinces in the same police region.

Narathiwat is still the hotspot. But it should be noted that civilian firearms offenses, despite it cannot be speculated from the police information, were very heavy in Songkla- a borderline province, while the rest of the deep south the offenses were, to my surprise, lower than other provinces out if the deep south area. Probably gun recycling? Cannot capture offenders? Bombs are cheaper? Why oh why?

For the details of offenses relating to firearms, check the law in  Kramer (2001) 

Anyway, Santa meaw has to really have a holiday. Let me know if you are sick of my bangkok politics because I am sick of it, too. 

Peace everybody  and enjoy the rest of the xmas-new year continuum.


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2 Responses

  1. Henry James says:

    Take a look at http://truculentdad.blogspot.com/ for some facts about firearms.
    Then take a look at http://www.strategicbookpublishing.com/Partners for some entertaining history.

  2. John Ryan Recabar says:

    I’ve been to the border between Thailand and Malaysia. The place was very interesting as I was able to look into the lives of people who are caught between arbitrary nation-states when in fact these people are living their lives in a manner that transcended the supposed rules imposed by the two states on them.

    Merry Christmas. All the best.

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