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Some democrat MPs are not happy in Samui, several people complained that they either do not get fair share in the cabinet, they rest were just unhappy about the choices of the cabinet.

Only 40 Democrat MPs attended the Party’s meeting at Imperial Boat House in Samui, Surathani. The lisst of those big names who did not attend the meeting includes:
Ongart Klamphaiboon (MP-Bangkok), Chuti Kraireukse (MP-Phitsanulok)
, Niphit Intrarasombat (MP=Phattalung), Dhepthai Senpong (MP-Nakorn Si Thammarat), and Niphon Buyamanee (Partylist). Banyat Banthathan party’s executive member and the new PM did not attended.

So they sent SMS to disrupt my mini break. I just narrowly missed the landing.

Then many waves of criticism over the choice of cabinet members like Kasit Piromya for his active involvement with PAD. Alongkorn Polabutr (MP-Phetburi) did not have anybackground for his Ministry of Commerce post, not for me. The other MInister of Commerce potential line-up was not very welcomed by business representative.

After all, politicians are politicians, regardless of how good the party tries to represent itself. People will need parties that work for them, not for the good image. That was very true. The “good” politicians theories had to be rewritten. I am happy to read Machiavelli’s the Prince.


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  2. Soi watcher says:

    Wow, one of them used to run a massage parlour called Poseidon in Ratchada accd to Bkk Post. I am not a night-owl type guy but can be proud enough to announce to the whole world that I have been to Poseidon (sorry for naming names) once (though I didn’t take part into any action as I just followed a friend’s invitation so as not to disappoint him)

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