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Puea Thai named the candidate

Pracha Promnok from Puea Pandin was named the PM candidate endorsed by Puea Thai party. the move insisted that they will use “third party” to compete with Abhisit, as explained through the deal between Thaksin and Sanoh. Trade off the phone in for support to be a part of the government, a large chunk of votes but probably they have to accept non-Puea Thai’s PM.

Bangkok Post had more details at the breaking news.

the movement also convince me that in thailand there is one party that almost every MPs is in. it is called cough puea ku cough party. everyone is selling or buying and negotiating everything to retain the position and to seek to be government that they really don’t care about people who have elected them. particularly the Mark-Newin merge, which would make the founder of Democrat very upset. Some even translated thaksin’s welfare and his party as the national welfare. Likewise, the national government idea also coaxed people to accept that the survival of parties and the aspiration to be a PM of one person or a certain group is a survival of the country.

i spat.

the counting of voters also represent those who had elected a party, which make the vote no-vote a bit unsure if the no vote could voice any concerns.


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