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In exchange for political stability

The organizer said no live phone-in will secure Puea Thai party’s place in the government. thus, to stop live phone in was a trade back, as the man promise Sanoh, that he would not call live (and due to blockage of their broadcast, according to Veera Musikapong). The man was a bit late from prescheduled time according to my friend at 8 pm. we were yawning and do anything to keep our eyes open before then.

But the prerecorded clip was tamed, and you might have already read the script. It was. We were yawning and trying to fight drowsiness with snacks and some nicotine. It was advertised to be the show-all-tell-all one. Mild disappointment, but I think people can cope with it if they wanted Puea Thai in the government.

Earlier, chakrapob penkair was urging people to call to MPs that change their minds and remind them not to forget and betray the people, Matichon reported.

thaksin, those people and speakers are confident that Abhisit will not make it to the Premiere, they even shout “Mark, kin haew” on the road while clapping heart clappers to people in buses. we also saw a bus driver shake hands with rally participants. tuk tuk drivers offer a ride to sky train which was, after the phone in, red.

the signal sending out to the “traitors” was rather serious. they are reminded that thaksin was the one who help them to be MPs in the first place since TRT. Yet, Matichon reported that Newin and his mates still did not change their mind after the phone in.

if you see two women, wearing obviously not red and one was clapping her heart clappers along the road, that was me. i am still in the campaign to wear white.

then i went to a gig (read: an excuse not to instant blog) and was looked at because of the red heart clappers I both to people as a gift. most of them are pad supporters. had a little explanation whether heart clappers and red were a symbolic support for thaksin or not. you know these day the climate prompted you not to show your color with strangers so easily, even if you don’t belong to any color or you really take transgender pride color ribbon. a red heart clapper was all it took to be perceived as thaksin supporters. sigh. make me a bit uncomfortable.

anyway, all went well at the stadium. it was a bit tough to get home after the end of thaksin’s speech as we are pushed by part of large amount of, according to many sources 40,000 people. for one day, the little planet of the national stadium orbit around thaksin. and i was having thaksin shock syndrome due to over exposure to him. but yes, it is addictive. i am heading out for a dinner talk.


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