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So you think you can capture coalition?

Former PPP members and current Puea Thai party now talk about right to dissolve the parliament. No, it is not to late and everybody will hurt if the Democrat and coalition insist on forming the new government. The EC has confirmed that the interim government can dissolve the parliament.

everybody who want to keep their seats run into same difficulties. there are more than one line of kinship to continue the claim of PPP or even to track back the family tree to TRT.

Mr. Suthep expressed his worry at the phone in. I hope that his personal worries will not be dubbed as “national” or “institutional” worries.

Tomorrow I will be at the red rally and thanks to my supportive mom, I have a new camera and I was practicing the new interface yesterday. Me, I was worrying whether the super hiso-shitsu would be available tomorrow.


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  1. Cat lover says:

    I am going too because that area is my turf. It’s nearer than the one at Hua Mark stadium last time. I go to MBK regularly every weekend for foods and look around at nearby Paragon.

    I must get the foot-clapper and several Red Shirts to be given to friends of like-minded ideology.

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