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Newin = No.win

Yes, you read the title correctly. No win.

That is the direction that Democrat is heading to with Newin.
There are two side of the equation. The first side, derived from Tulsathit Tuptim’s article “Thaksin is dead, long live Newin” Newin was seen to be a winning fraction for any side that what to set up the new government. With all due of respect to the boss, Newin said he now has to painfully took the side of democrat. He reason that democrat is the way to democracy.

Tulsathit wrote:

If you don’t have any faith in Abhisit, then Newin’s spectacular rebellion against his “boss” must epitomise the chronic political ills. The notorious politician from Buri Ram, who to many of us embodies all that is wrong about our system, must have simply jumped from a sinking ship to another vessel that remains afloat.

How did Abhisit go from fighting Newin’s “boss” to becoming his “boss” himself? If you are one of the Democrat leader’s supporters, you can take heart in the fact that, in the current circumstances, there is no better way. It’s either this, or we remain stuck in the detrimental PAD versus nominees showdown.

Well many think that indeed, Newin is now the boss. [In Thai but will summarize the points later] Will Democrat sell their soul to be a government? People who were faithful start to doubt if they would do anything. Consider that Democrat will have to attract parties to join their coalition by offering position in the cabinet and keep their eyes shut if something may happen. Additionally Newin also asked that the constitution be amended in his gentleman’s agreement. PAD could protest and backlash the amendment anyway.

Bangkok Post commented that:

In exchange for securing the premiership for Mr Abhisit, Mr Suthep had to agree to demands made by the other political groups.

This means there will be fewer ministerial portfolios left for the Democrats if the government is formed, and the party will see intense jockeying for the cabinet seats among its own members.

Where is the man pulling the strings? MR. Suthep, he is the man. Newin is not an asset. Actually, I think the former coalition parties will be marked by voters, along as Democrat as professional politicians who would do anything to get their arses in the government, without even being elected. Partly PPP executives did not give people a chance or not acting fast enough to dissolve the house prior to the court verdict to disband the party. They can be elected easily because of the anti-pad sentiment. Yet, I would not be certain until Newin and all of his friend said the name of the person they would vote for the PM.


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