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Shake it, red.

The situation of Democrat is a shaky one now, with every moves employed earlier to reveal conscription issue of Abhisit, then protest of UDD supporters at individual MPs who turned away from Puea Thai.

Democrat Suthep T. admittedly said:

Secretary-general of Democrat party Suthep Thaugsuban said the number of MPs who agreed to join it in forming a coalition government cannot yet be confirmed because there are still efforts in bringing back some MPs to join its rival Puea Thai party.

Such attempts, he said, include offering cash and positions in the new government.

If party members decide to switch sides because of the incentives, there is nothing he can do, he added.

Also Chatuporn Promphan reportedly to employ PAD’s measures used against the previous government to re-use against Abhisit as the PM. They will block accesses to the parliament as well. To shake it further, big brother will surely phone in a reveal-all session.

Anyway, I think Red should be a bit more creative not to use PAD measures.


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