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Comment of performance of the constitution court.

Five TU law school lecturers voiced their comment with constitution court judges, via prachatouch.

Here is my summary of the main points of their statement:
1. Judicial institution must preserve their stance to justice and express to the public of the adherence to justice so that they will be trusted by the people as an institution that their judgement will base of frameworks of the law and fair.
2. The creditability of the verdict did not result from the law make contempt to the court punishable or that the decision is final and to be respect. Creditable verdicts must be objective with sound reasoning and rendered from non-partisan and no biased judges.
3. When the court refuse to allow defendants to supply more witnesses or evidence, it violate the principle to allow the defendants those who are affected by the verdict the right to fair trial because the right fully to use every opportunity to defend themselves was cut short by the court.
4. The rush to render the verdict very soon after the end of defendants’ statement and with ad hoc correction of the verdict while reading, would appear to public that the court did not use its careful discretion to prepare the verdict and cast doubt on the quality of the verdict and the judgement itself.

The statement question if the verdict will be able to generate reconciliation in the society and justice.

I am sure this professors will have more insightful comment after the whole verdict was made public.

In the meantime, enjoy the upcoming holiday.


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