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It could not solve what PAD want

Now people are speculating if the disband of executive members from politics will really help. Will it make PAD satisfy?

Even the executive members are disbanded and the current cabinet members who are executives of the three parties must leave their post, they coalition will still hold majority in the parliament. Those who are disbanded can still form shadow ministers. The rest of the MPs can move to the new party (Peur Thai?). So where does this leave PAD to celebrate about?

Major uprising against the court’s verdict and that the venue has been moved without prior notice could be the ground for PPP to mobilized supporters. The other cause to appeal is conflict of interest between PPP and certain judges. There is not ground for PPP supporters not to do it since PAD had already disobey court order, so why the other has to do so.

Hopefully, pro-PPP supporters are not likely to be the one who agree too easily to take the airport because they might have other interesting spots like some judge’s houses.


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