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A long November

At 6.22 am, Chamlong called people at the government’s house to join protesters at suvanabhumi airport. Earlier roadblog by nine cars were removed by the police. Chiang Mai supporters guarded over Somchia’s house.

I was napping in the evening, then a call at 11 pm, asking waht I was doing. When I said I was napping, my friend snapped, “The country is plunging deep in cirisi, how can you nap?” After reading hate comment in web boards, I start to realized that the Suvanabhumi can be taken back, but the people are less and less tolerant. The middle path, silent or non-partisarn were back fired from both sided. Red blasted yellow. Yellow hit back. Some of then could go very extreme and graphic in reducing the other to sub-human beings. I felt like we are moving fast to ground zero, where the whole reconciliation programs will have to implement nation building. How can the people who take different sides can disagree, smilingly and remain intact in the same country is a mission more chalenging that taking back the airport.

After reading a forwardedmail from Dr. Weng, I was also concerned that the same measured will resurface after the constitution court implement its quick decision to disband party. The red will gather at Sanam Luang by Sunday in support for authority to take “appropriate action ” against PAD, support the government and to show their disapproval to a looming coup. I am still partial to show my support against a coup there as I don’t have any favorite color and hatred really make me sick. Several reporters to this prolong “last war” was said to experience the same sypmtom of discomfort. [ see also Masarou Emoto experiment with water and a body is 70% of water]

Reasons does not work. Actually reasons are relative. When reasoning with someone who argee with you, it is reasonable. There are many side of reasoning. Mobious strips. However, disagreement can be more searing than before.

I would love that Bangkok Post translate and Op-ed at Matichon. Even it was a slow realization. People with power will remain protected. The PM is now:

In a dramatic sign that anarchy was creeping in, government spokesman Suparat Nakbunnam said Mr Somchai would remain in Chiang Mai “indefinitely.

“As there are still uncertainties in the tensions between the government and army, for his safety the prime minister will stay in Chiang Mai,” he said.

Good for you, PM.

In the same article, Somsak Kosaisuk vowed “We are not afraid. We will fight to the death, we will not surrender and we are ready,” it was not the leaders to die. PAD may have less supporters but the ability to generate hate is threatening.

Now you have to be careful what and who to relate a political discussion with. I saw friend stop talking to one another. Another friend got an SMS reply from another friend “Be a nun, then,” to her prior message calling “Peace, mindfulness and nonviolence to restorethe country.”


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