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Now the best weapon against the government by People’s Alliance for Somchai to Resign (PASR) can ignite several comment that the PM should resign. In Inept Under Siege, by Atiya Achakulwisut, Editorial Pages Editor, Bangkok Post, it is stated that:

I can sympathise with people who accuse Mr Somchai of being a puppet of his famous brother-in-law. He does look like a puppet, after all. The country is on the brink of a civil war and he had nothing to offer but the awkward stuttering over a poorly-prepared script which did not address the serious issue at hand.

As people are literally being beaten to death because of the colour of their shirts or their presumed association, the premier told Thais to play the proud and generous host to expatriates during the upcoming Asean summit, so that the world may appreciate our ability and potential.

Did the PM just go to Peru, or to outer space? Doesn’t he realise there might be no Asean summit unless he puts his brains to work and frees Suvarnabhumi from the siege?

I can’t call on PM Somchai to resign now, as it would mean bowing to what is essentially tantamount to an act of terrorism by the protesters. The PAD can’t be allowed to enjoy any sense of triumph after its damaging aggression at the airport and they must be taken into account for their treacherous act.

However, Mr Somchai and his cabinet must realise that it is their complete ineptitude – selfishness in some cases – that gives life to the PAD. It is their flaws which give the PAD a reason to exist. They are the “government.” They are here to “govern” the country”, not to outwit the PAD at all costs.

It can be argued that if only they had tried to do their jobs properly and not functioned only as a PAD rival, things would not have deteriorated so badly.

In a perfect-world scenario, a government that couldn’t defend its own seat of power – let alone an airport – from protesters, would have offered its resignation. To put all the blame on Army chief Anupong Paojinda is beside the point, they have been in charge of the country all the time. In Thailand, however, the democratic etiquette has yet to take root. We are hacking one another to death to defend our version of democracy after all.

At this point, I don’t think the government or the PAD cares how much damage they would do to the country and the people, with their high-stakes battle of wills. An appeal on altruistic grounds would thus be useless. (Emphasis added)

There are also some people sending SMS with “PM must stepped down,” probably with the same mentality that he could not “govern” or ensure law and order. The cabinet and the government’s “ineptitude” to end the siege and restore public order was probably the last tactic that PASR can use to create fail state and fail government or PM. When people would be worrying about export, tourism and investment, they could ask for a path which is less resistance and with more official responsibility. I am wondering if we would see “PM, please resign” thing more as PASR grew more persistence on their claim of space (not the number of people). It is not that people turned to welcome PASR, but the toll they have to pay, according to the government would be too high to carry on. If no one can make PASR quit, then to ask for a much needed peace, they might have to force a sacrifice out of the unwilling PM and his in-law to end it and save hemorrhaging country.

Still the pro-government will continue to pressure that they might address the issue personally and end it, yet this would not be good to the country, according to media and the public opinion. It would thrust PASR with its long awaited opportunity to cry “Government brutality, They allowed it to happen.”

An appeal to Somchai to resign because he contributed to the damage is extremely unfair. He should tend his resignation only when he or the cabinet of government alliance parties think that he cannot handle the situation. The next elected representative from PPP or any political party would risk the same fate. He could not safe democracy or avert the situation, but he can save rule of law against mob rule by just staying right there, even if he can do nothing.

It might hurt the country, but we need a lesson and a deep scar.


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